One of the webisodes on Cooking Mama World.



Arriving to their campsite, Mama and the family all prepare for their wonderful adventure!


Mama and her family are busy packing their family van for their upcoming camping trip. The three all take turns handing items to Papa, who then tosses themselves into the trunk of the van. After they finish they get inside and off they go. 

Upon arriving to their destination, Ichigo and Ringo excitedly cheer. Papa explains that he will be setting up the tent while Mama decides to make some kebabs for everyone to eat. The family seperates in order to complete their task, with the siblings watching Papa prepare the tent. However, after Ringo sees that the ropes need to be tightened, he offers to help out. But after he tugs too hard, the tent falls over.

Ichigo decides she wants to try but because of the wind and how light she is, she ends up floating in the air instead. She then falls to the ground after the wind dies down. Anxious and annoyed, Papa, Ringo, and Ichigo decide to do some planning first, then they try again. Papa pounds the metal steaks into the ground while Ichigo and Ringo tug on the ropes to get the tent to stand up. 

By the time Ringo's growling tummy is beginning to feel hungry, Mama comes over with plenty of Kebabs for them all and they all sit down to share the meal together.



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