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Mama, Ringo, Ichigo, and Max go outside to have fun while enjoying their special made lunches.


Mama watches as Ichigo and Ringo are busy preparing some bento for later on in the day. They wrap the lid of the bento onto the box and happily they both back them away inside their backpacks. Before leaving, Ringo informs Ichigo that he's excited to go hiking and exploring while Ichigo is very excited to go and play through the flower fields. They also can't wait to eat their lunches later on!

Max comes by in search of his own and Mama reveals she's made it for him and off the four of them go!

First they walk by the flowers that Ichigo wanted to see and eventually they all come to the hills where some of their foreign friends approach to join them. They all sit down and dig into their meals but Ichigo notices that something tastes wrong with hers and she mopes silently as Ringo tries his but has packed too much into it, so its pretty messy...

Mama sees the both of her children in a sad mood and she shows them the bigger, nicely made bento she has packed and they all sit down and dig in!

After the day has gone by the four of them pack up and head back home, where Ichigo and Ringo tell Papa about their lunches they made that day. They all spend the night talking about their fun day they had as the clip comes to an end...



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