A video one can view on Cooking Mama World.
So cute!



Mama plays with Baby and uses her gifts to make sure play-time goes well.


Mama is playing with Baby when it happens to spot the nearby newspaper. It stops to sit on it, and begins to rip it all up and tosses it into the air. With her quick thinking Mama is able to catch every single piece of shredded paper and she discards them. She notices Baby crawl away and follows him to find him throwing toys in every direction.

While she isn't happy, Mama sees no harm in it until a blue ball hits a vase. She is able to save it by making a catching-dive, then places it back onto the shelf. She recalls Baby and doesn't see him, so she runs to find him napping with Max. 

She feels much better and picks Baby up, putting him into the crib. She covers him with a blanket and smiles. 



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