A webisode on Cooking Mama World.



Mama and Ichigo attempt to bake a lovely treat but find small problems in doing so when things begin to act up.


Mama and Ichigo meet up with Papa and the two girls begin to get to work baking. Mama slices up the ingredients, then she goes to prepare the blender as Ichigo is busy pouring a bunch of flour into a bowl. Mama asks her to turn the blender on, then walks away to tend to something else.

Ichigo watches the orange mixture inside of the blender thicken, but when it suddenly starts to shake violently the lid pops off and it begins to hop all over the kitchen. But Mama returns and quickly grabs it. 

They are able to make a wonderful meal, just in time as Papa returns to see how things went. They pick up everything and head into the nearby dining room, but Ichigo is chased around by a hungry Max, who happened to spot the food she was carrying. 

Mama and Papa do not seem to notice, but Mama looks towards the door as someone rings the doorbell. A bunch of the younger friends Mama has made are there to celebrate with them, so she invites them inside and together, everyone enjoys the celebratory meal. 


  • Starting with this episode, the webisodes have a new intro and ending.


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